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Self taught reading program teaches children and adults phonics and spelling in 3 weeks. Ages 5-90. Learn to read at home. Pictures help those with dyslexia. Teach yourself or someone else. The pictured flashcards have four additional sections for spelling and comprehension. Free Spelling Program on CDs. Give yourself a spelling test! Our reading program also includes a free self-taught spelling program that goes to an adult level. Two CDs will pronounce 1680+words for you to give yourself a spelling test.

At every step, learners should be gaining more understanding about how the language works and picking up the vocabulary to discuss reading and spelling. You want everyone in the room to be saying, “Oh! Is this how it works? I can do this.” Think of the early phases of phonics for adults as a framework.Author: Tricia. Phonics for adults is every bit as important as it is for children. That’s because phonics is the basis of reading and writing. I teach adult literacy and have found, in almost all cases, that students have not been taught phonics adequately.

Teaching Phonics To Adults. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Teaching Phonics To Adults. Some of the worksheets displayed are Literacy teaching guide phonics, Decoding phonics for adults, Reading made easy with blend phonics, Teaching adult esl literacy study circle, Letter pronunciation, Esol literacies national 2, Dont talk to me about vowels, Able work. Teaching Spelling for Older Students & Adults. In order to develop your phonics and spelling knowledge, a specialist teacher or tutor would be the best approach, if it is possible. DSF has a list of trained and recommended tutors should you wish to use them.

Free Phonics Lessons is a complete 61 lesson course for teaching beginning readers to read and spell as well as practice basic math. Listing a complete index to all phonetic lessons and interactive charts. SightPhonics helps adults and teenagers to independently learn from home and read over 500 adult words like “catalog” and “hospital” with just the FIRST reading book. “This is a new and unique adult phonics reading program, unlike any other reading programs I have used. Spelling in the school system requires writing the word.