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careers for adults with add - 18 Good Jobs for People With ADHD Based on Their Strengths

So some of the best jobs for people with ADD may also be jobs that work well for certain people with ADHD. Additionally, you'll want to consider any co-occurring disorders that you may have. For instance, roughly 25 to 40 percent of adults who've been diagnosed with ADHD Author: Beelineweb.Com. The upside is that you may thrive in jobs with constant change and a quick pace. When every day at work feels different, you may feel more engaged and interested. Sample jobs: Firefighters, police officers, paramedics, emergency room doctors and nurses, and television producers. 4. Stay social.Author: Sharon Liao.

Careers for Adults with ADHD Background. ADHD is a disorder, usually appearing in childhood, Self-Management Techniques. Medication and psychotherapy can help alleviate ADHD workplace symptoms, Using Positive Qualities. Robbins notes that ADHD workers often have unusual strengths, Career. While some adults with ADHD choose jobs that are driven by urgency, others prefer jobs that are highly structured. “Employees with ADHD thrive in environments where they have clear instructions and directives,” Dr. Sarkis says. A structured job is one where there’s a Author: Penny Williams.

Best Careers for People with ADD. There are many wonderful careers for ADD people who are educated, excited, and skilled. However, finding the best career can take time and effort. In the end, not only are some of the best careers perfect for people with attention deficit disorder, but people with ADD can be ideal candidates for employers.