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Diarrhea stops soon after the person stops eating or drinking the substance. Blood in the digestive tract also acts as an osmotic agent and results in black, tarry stools (melena). Another cause of osmotic diarrhea is an overgrowth of normal intestinal bacteria or the growth of . Diarrhea should go away in a few days without treatment. Until you feel better, rest, drink enough fluids, and watch what you eat. Your body loses water with each trip to the bathroom. If you lose.

Give an adult plenty of clear fluid, like fruit juices, soda, sports drinks and clear broth. Avoid milk or milk-based products, alcohol, apple juice, and caffeine while you have diarrhea and for 3. DIARRHEA OVERVIEW — Diarrhea is defined as three or more loose or watery stools per day. Nearly everyone will have an episode of diarrhea at some point during their life, with the average adult experiencing it four times per year.

Acute Diarrhea in Adults WENDY BARR, MD, MPH, MSCE, and ANDREW SMITH, MD Lawrence Family Medicine Residency, Lawrence, Massachusetts cute diarrhea is defined as stool with. Diarrhea is an acute condition that leads to frequent loose or watery stools. People with diarrhea are less able to absorb nutrients or water in the intestines. If diarrhea persists, it can cause severe dehydration and require emergency medical intervention.