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Our delicious Spiral Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast is pre-cooked and sliced, ready to be served. Comes with Honey Maple Flavored Glazing Packet. Serves up to 10 people. *Gluten Free* Heating/Cooking Suggestions: For best flavor our smoked turkey breast is meant to be served at room temperature. This can be achieved by removing the turkey breast [ ]. Honey Glazed Boneless Spiral Ham, 3-4 lbs. Oil Browned Boneless Turkey Breast 3 lbs. The perfect combination for smaller families or smaller appetites. Our hickory smoked spiral ham and oven roasted-oil browned turkey breast are fully cooked, just heat and serve. Serves about 14.

Dakin Farm Spiral Sliced Turkey is maple glazed for a flavor that is out of this world. We take our most popular boneless smoked turkey and lather with maple sugar and maple syrup. Treat yourself today. Pure Convenience and Pure Turkey Flavor. You'll savor every bite of this boneless cooked Turkey Breast. All white meat, carved in one piece, maple-cured and cob-smoked the traditional Vermont way with no water or fillers added. Choose spiral-sliced for your convenience with maple-glazed flavor for your family's enjoyment.4/5(11).

Dec 23, 2018 · Selected Best Ham by three National Magazines Honey Glazed and Spiral Sliced Holiday Ham is 7 to 8 lb and Smoked Turkey Breast is 3.5 to 4 lbs Low in salt (800 mg per 3 oz serving) FREE SHIPPING! Order by Monday August 19th (12 PM CST) for delivery Thursday August 22th or Friday August 23th3.1/5(6). Bought a smoked turkey and a glazed turkey breast for Thanksgiving. Disappointed in both. The smoked turkey was ok but as others state, it's on the salty side. I carefully followed the warming instructions and ended up taking out our 9 pound turkey 1/2 hour sooner than instructed because the 4/5(27).

Honey Cured & Honey Glazed Half Spiral Sliced Ham 8-10 lbs. Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey 10 lb. avg. Whatever the occasion, we have the center of your table covered. Fully cooked and ready to serve, each ham and turkey is infused with real hardwood smoked . 2 pound turkey breast; 4 pound turkey breast; Spiral-Sliced Turkey Breasts with Honey Glaze begins with boneless lean turkey breasts which are carefully smoked over mesquite embers until they are tender. Then the boneless breasts are spiral sliced for your serving .