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Jun 27, 2000 · “How Many Licks?” is the second single from Lil' Kim’s Notorious K.I.M. album, released in 2000 by Atlantic Records.. Written by Kim and Sisqó and produced by Mario Winans and Sean ‘Puff. How many hot licks does it take? Mami, how many hot licks does it (I don't know, I don't know, just keep on lickin' me) But how many hot licks does it take? How many hot licks does it take.

"How Many Licks?" is a song by American rapper Lil' Kim featuring vocals by American musician Sisqó from her second studio album, The Notorious K.I.M. (2000). It was released as the record's second single in 2000. Mario Winans and Sean Combs produced "How Many Licks?", and wrote it withFormat: 12", CD single. Lyrics to "How Many Licks?" song by Lil' Kim: Hold up So what you're saying is, oh (Niggaz got me pissed like Lil' Kim) You want to get freaky.