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Dec 11, 2018 · Talk to your child about thumb sucking. You're more likely to be successful in stopping the habit if your child wants to stop and helps choose the method involved. Sometimes paying no attention to thumb sucking is enough to stop the behavior — especially if your child uses thumb sucking to . Jan 18, 2016 · If your thumb or finger-sucking child is 3 years old or over, it’s time to break the habit. Many articles on this subject focus on talking to your child and offering positive reinforcement, but most toddlers are not interested giving up a constant source of pleasure. If you wait too long to stop the thumb and finger sucking, your child can have permanent changes to their jaw shape, bite, and.

Jan 11, 2019 · A straight forward remedy to stop thumb sucking is to daba cloth in the salt solution and tie it to your child’s thumb. You may also apply a concentrated salt solution to the thumb directly, and this will help in keeping the thumb away from the mouth. Precautions. Jun 19, 2019 · Stay calm.Yelling or insisting your child stop sucking his thumb right now won’t be helpful. Although you might be worried about the potential damage he’s doing to his teeth or all the germs he’s putting in his mouth, getting upset isn’t likely to lead to cooperation.

"Thumb-sucking is an appropriate and useful behavior for very young children," says Linda Goldstein, MD, a Washington pediatrician. "The truth is most kids over 6 really do want to stop, but Author: Scott H. Chandler, MD.